rimseal nozzles

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The ACAF® Rimseal System is fully automatic and designed to extinguish floating roof tank Rimseal fires in their infancy. A self-contained CAF generator, combined with special Rimseal nozzles and thermal linear heat detection, provide a system to protect the entire Rimseal space of a floating roof tank. When activated the system will automatically discharge CAF into the Rimseal void filling the space with CAF in seconds. Total flooding of the Rimseal space with CAF provides a seal of foam that quickly extinguishes a fire and protects against reflash. The ability of a CAF generator to create and deliver expanded foam rapidly gives this system the speed that is needed in this application. The Rimseal system is ideally suited for Oil Storage and Floating Roof Tanks.


Rimseal fire suppression provides the following advantages over older more dated technologies:

  • Utilizes an environmentally-safe foam that is fluorine free
  • Significantly increased expansion ratio than currently used foams, on the order of 13 to 1
  • Due to the internal structure of the CAF, there is greater re-flash protection
  • The CAF provides total flooding characteristics to fill the rim seal space completely
  • Greater drain time, which equates to slower breakdown and longer lasting foam
  • Reduced hardware requirements
  • Centralized control equipment translating into greater reliability, and reduced life cycle costs
  • All control valves, solution levels, and nitrogen pressure are monitored to minimize failure modes and maintain optimal performance condition
  • Electric / pneumatic release systems
  • Manufactured and installed with stainless steel piping systems for longer service life


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