DoD Research Project Awarded

ACAF Systems has been selected to participate in a three-year DoD study that will determine whether FFFs can be made to meet MILSPEC standards and are safer for the environment and the fire-fighters who use it.

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Deck Integrated Heads protect Heliports

Effective fire protection of heliports includes selecting equipment that is robust enough to withstand the elements, a combination of automated and manual delivery, and a delivery system that can quickly knock down the fire.

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Protect Heavy Machinery from Fire Hazards

ACAF Systems have a new suppression system which is a new technologically advanced single-agent, dual-action compressed air foam (CAF) – CAF mist fire suppression system developed to address vehicle engine compartment fire suppression applications in heavy duty mobile equipment. Through the use of a single control device, the system delivers both CAF and CAF mist to the fire through separate nozzles that are positioned to deliver foam and foam-mist in one integrated stream.

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Floating Roof Tank Fire Suppression

The ACAF Systems rim seal systems components are fully tested and evaluated and have received FM Approvals for the meeting and/or exceeding the requirements of extinguishing and suppressing hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires. The system utilized Solberg RE-HEALING Foam Concentrate in 6% concentration. When utilized with the unique CAF delivery equipment, the CAF is delivered to the fire at a 13 to 1 expansion ratio.

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