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This section is the description of the application. It is followed by the design notes (what standards, etc).

ACAF produces a variety of products that can be used in a custom fire suppression system to protect your Power Transformers. The drawings below illustrate just a few of the options that can be designed to meet the needs of your particular application. 

This section is a series of the GA drawings with related P&ID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams​). Image and PDF would be full size. Each has a title for its individual combination (e.g. Fixed Pipe, Self-Contained, Deluge)

Auxiliary Power Transformer Demo

Looking for More Details? Review Our Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

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  • Water and foam are stored separately to maximize lifespan
  • Nitrogen mixes with the liquified foam in the MX cabinet to create uniform CAF for high quality coverage
  • The CV Unit delivers the prepared CAF to the targeted zones
  • HDN-5 Nozzles provide superior coverage spray, knocking down the fire quickly

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System Components

Components that are not carried by ACAF will be “Datasheet available upon request” or “Start a Conversation”. Modify to have a flip panel in grid format.

Review component details for the custom configured fire suppression system for your Power Transformer.


For CAF Generation

Single Chamber CAF Generation

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DN-7 Nozzle

HDN-5 Nozzle

Mx, including MxC and MxD




Fire Pump

Foam Pump

Nitrogen Tanks

Poly Processing Tank

50 Gallon Foam Proportioning Tank

750 Gallon Foam Pressure Tank

Commercial Water Tank

Foam Concentrate (ARAFFF or Flourine Free)


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